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Few months left for ECDIS updates


IHO has revised its ENCs standards for ECDIS, therefore, all ECDIS systems used on board a vessel are required to receive updated functions before 31 August 2017. In case the software renewal is not applicable so as the system to be compatible with the latest IHO standards, the ECDIS itself should be replaced before the deadline.


ClassNK has issued Technical Information notice to warn on this requirement. The following table includes details regarding the revision of IHO standards:

 Standards    Current    Revised
Specifications for Chart content and display aspects of ECDIS    S-52 Ed.6.0    S-52 Ed.6.1.0
 Presentation Library (PL)    Ed.3.4    Ed.4.0
 Test Data Sets    S-64 Ed.2.0.0    S-64 Ed.3.0


Summary of updated functions is as below.

  1. modification to drawing method for chart symbols
  2. addition of new symbols and modification of categories of some symbols
  3. modification to alarms and warnings for chart symbols.

Some models of ECDIS are to be renewed or required to replace circuit board(s) in case where ECDIS cannot install new software, which is compatible to the above new standards. Please confirm with ECDIS manufacturers for details.

Confirmation survey is required as mentioned below. Please apply for the survey to NK survey sites accordingly.

  • In case of renewal or replacement of circuit board(s) before 31 August 2017, to be confirmed at the timing of the renewal/replacement.
  • In case of the software update before 31 August 2017, to be confirmed by the first SE survey after update.

Source: ClassNK

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