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Major issues

  • training

    New project launched to address Arctic shipping safety

    A new three-year research project, called SEDNA, has been launched to address safety and efficiency in Arctic ship operations. Its aim is to  develop the ‘Safe Arctic Bridge’, a human-centered operational environment for ice-going vessels. Its design and layout will focus on the navigational requirements of the Arctic, namely ice, weather and a lack of chart data. ...

  • poisoning

    CO poisoning onboard motor cruiser leads to fatality

    In November 2016, the owner of the 7.75m motor cruiser Vasquez fell unconscious after being overcome by carbon monoxide that had been emitted from failed rubber bellows that formed part of the inboard engine’s wet-exhaust system. Although rescuers came to his aid, it was not possible to save his life. ...

  • noaa

    NOAA warns of above-normal active hurricane season in Atlantic

    The US NOAA issued the scheduled update for its 2017 hurricane season outlook, warning that the season has the potential to be the most active since 2010, with forecasters predicting a higher likelihood of an above-normal season and increasing the predicted number of named storms and major hurricanes.  ...

  • container

    Advancing safety in containership sector

    Bigger boxships demand a firefighting infrastructure with enhanced capacity explains Matthew Temblay, ABS vice president for containerships. As key for the owners and operators is the ability to protect life and cargo onboard, ABS decided to move forward with the development of a new standard for fire safety. ...

  • Panama

    Panama Canal expansion was not waste of time

    It’s now a full year since Panama opened the upgraded Panama Canal, but the canal remains unable to handle any vessel carrying 13,500 TEU’s or more. However, this does not mean that the expansion was a waste of time and money, Xeneta notes. ...

Recent Posts


CHIRP releases new maritime safety video

In the latest of its new series of videos, CHIRP provides advisable practices for seafarers to enhance safety at sea, reporting specifically safety issues resulting from two separate cases: tug handling and windlasses operation.

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Fatal accident during mooring operation on deck

During mooring operation on board a Hong Kong registered bulk carrier, a crew member was killed after being hit by a mooring rope. It is crucial effective communication among the various mooring teams to be maintained during mooring operation and any abnormal situation to be immediately reported to the master of the vessel for consideration.

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DNV GL carries out its first offshore drone survey

DNV GL surveyors have carried out the classification society’s first offshore drone survey on the semisubmersible vessel Safe Scandinavia in the North Sea. This 25,383 GT tender support vessel (TSV) is owned and operated by Prosafe, supporting Statoil’s drilling operations off the coast of Norway. Using camera-equipped drones, DNV GL’s drone pilots checked the TSV’s fairleads and their connection with the vessel’s two columns as part of the intermediate survey.

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NYK convicted of criminal cartel conduct

The Australian Federal Court announced that NYK has been convicted of criminal cartel conduct and is ordered to pay a fine of $25 million, which is the second-highest imposed in ACCC history. Following an extensive investigation, NYK was charged of giving effect to cartel provisions in an arrangement or understanding with other shipping lines relating to the transportation of motor vehicles to Australia between 2009 and 2012.

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Maritime chokepoints are critical to global energy security, EIA says

The U.S. Energy Information Administration has released a new report explaining why chokepoints, which are narrow channels along widely used global sea routes for oil transport, are critical to security. The inability of oil tankers to transit a major chokepoint, even temporarily, can lead to substantial supply delays and higher shipping costs, resulting in higher world energy prices.

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US Sanctions against Sudan to be lifted until October

The North P&I Club has issued an update regarding US Sanctions against Sudan to inform that the temporary lifting has been extended  until 12 October 2017. President Trump has issued an Executive Order to extend the period of temporary relief and means that the US sanctions have not been formally revoked.

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Poor training and knowledge of the entry procedures result in enclosed space-related casualties

The Standard P&I Club notes that investigation into enclosed space-related casualties reveals that most are caused by poor training and knowledge of the correct entry procedures, or a disregard for them. Therefore, the Club has published a comprehensive guide to address all key issues and  assist seafarers to enter enclosed spaces safely. The guide highlights shortfalls in individual company procedures in equipment, training and onboard practices.

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