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Major issues

  • brazilian requirements for vessel lay up

    North P&I: Vessel lay-up requirements in Brazil

    On 30 October 2017, the Directorate of Ports and Coasts in Brazil issued amendments regarding vessels laying‐up in Brazilian ports and terminals and provided the requirements for the concession of the Laid‐ Up Vessel Certificate. ...

  • shipbuilding

    Europe in need of a holistic shipbuilding strategy, says new report

    The position of Europe in the maritime technology industry as whole is only a virtual one, whilst there is no clear targeted European shipbuilding policy in place, to offer an integrated approach to the international competition, according to a new study funded by the European Commission. ...

  • uk marine insurers prepare for brexit

    UK marine insurers take measures ahead Brexit

    In an announcement by North P$I Club and Sunderland Marine, the two parties have been developing contingency plans to ensure that both companies continue to have access to EU markets, after Brexit was decided to be implemented, with the Club creating a subsidiary in Dublin. ...

  • oocl container ship

    OOCL launches fifth 21,413 TEU container ship

    Hong Kong-based OOCL announced introduction of another 21,413 TEU containership, named the OOCL Scandinavia, into its fleet of world trade ambassadors. This latest ship is the fifth in a series of six ‘G Class’ containerships on order at the Samsung Heavy Industry shipyard. ...

  • marine asbestos

    Operators should ensure purchase of asbestos-free products

    It is not enough for procurement departments to simply say that materials should be ‘asbestos-free’ and more needs to be done to specify what this means as part of their standard terms and conditions of business, says Lucion Marine, a hazardous materials management specialist. ...

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Training Survey Findings
George M. Teriakidis, DNV GL

Measuring real safety performance
Erik Green, Green-Jakobsen



marine pilot vision

ABB launches ‘Marine Pilot Vision’

ABB announced the launch of 'ABB Ability Marine Pilot Vision'. A system that offers the possibility for officers to remotely control a ship and provides real-time visualizations of a vessel’s surroundings. 

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unmanned ships

Cyber liability issues hindering unmanned ships, says new report

Almost two thirds of global marine industry executives believe there is uncertainty surrounding liability issues relating to unmanned ships should a vessel be involved in an incident as a result of a cyber-attack, according to a new report from global law firm Clyde & Co and IMarEST.

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uscg launches robotic aircrafts

USCG to create robotic aircraft for maritime environment

The US Coast Guard announced in the Federal Register its intent to enter into a cooperative research and development agreement to evaluate small unmanned aircraft systems sensors or payloads, for use in a maritime environment.

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digitalization shipping

Standardisation to enable digital transformation, says DNV GL

With the rise of the Internet of Things in shipping, many stakeholders can benefit from developing a standardisation strategy to take advantage of a more digital maritime industry, DNV GL supports. Thus, a new paper examines how standardisation can improve data quality and sensor reliability.

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zim uses blockchain technology

ZIM to use blockchain technology for documents transfer

ZIM announced the completion of the first pilot of paperless Bills-of-Lading based on blockchain technology. The new blockchain-based system uses distributed ledger technology to ensure that all parties can issue, transfer, endorse and manage shipping and trade related documents through a secure decentralized network.

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ORCA technology: the new innovative solution for chemical tankers

There are plenty of benefits when a conventional tanker uses the Orca Tank Technology, according to Martijn van denPoppelen, Head Ship Development in Koole Engineering, who talked about this technology during an exclusive interview with SAFETY4SEA at Europort, Rotterdam in early November.

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MPA Singapore to promote drones for ship inspection

Following several trials using drones to survey cargo tanks of ships, the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore is developing the acceptance criteria for the usage of such remote inspection techniques on board Singapore-registered ships. The acceptance criteria will be ready by first quarter next year.

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abs cyber security

ABS calls insurance and class industry to work on cyber security

Addressing the American Institute of Marine Underwriters, Christopher J. Wiernicki, Chairman, President and CEO of ABS, described the future of maritime cyber security and risk mitigation, and outlined how the classification and insurance industries can strengthen their collaboration ahead of the progression of autonomy.

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