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Major issues

  • efficiensea2

    EfficienSea2 deploys smart buoy to optimize navigation

    The European project EfficienSea2 is testing a new Smart Buoy solution, aiming to allow ships to have improved navigational services and to receive data in support of vessel operations, when reaching ports. The buoy will allow port authorities and ships to collect and share information in a completely autonomous system. ...

  • internet

    MSC ship released after detention for internet outage

    The Mediterranean Shipping Company has reached an agreement with the Somali government over the accidental internet cable outage, that created a large disruption of web connectivity in the region.  ...

  • australia

    Australia: Flag of Convenience is risk to national security

    The Australian Senate inquiry finds flag of convenience shipping poses risks to national security. FOC shipping refers to international trading vessels registered in tax havens such as Liberia, Panama and the Marshall Islands and are renowned for their lax labour laws, poor investment controls and lack of ownership oversight.  ...

  • accidents

    Kalmar: Zero accidents is ‘mission possible’ ahead automation

    Ahead of the automation that takes place within the shipping industry, Finnish port equipment manufacturer Kalmar stresses that “a zero accident port is definitely a mission possible”, suggesting that machines detect their surroundings and notice things that human eyes and ears might not, thus helping humans to prevent accidents.  ...

  • gps

    USCG urges for vigilance due to recent GPS disruptions

    The US Coast Guard Navigation Center informed that 20 ships were reported suffering a GPS disruption, in the Black Sea, since 22 June 2017. In view of this, it urges operators to exercise caution and reminds them how to report a disruption and the actions they should take to mitigate the effects of a disruption. ...

Recent Posts

Infographic explains mutual P&I

In order to assist operators navigate the sometimes confusing world of mutual P&I, the Shipowners' Club has created an infographic to explain the different elements that make up mutual P&I. A mutual P&I insurer is part of the International Group (IG), which comprises of 13 Mutual P&I clubs.

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Counting backwards for Day of the Seafarer 2017

On the occasion of Day of the Seafarers, on 25 June, IMO encourages everyone to join the campaign and show that #SeafarersMatter. Under this theme, the campaign is engaging people responsible for the world’s ports and seafarer centres to demonstrate how much seafarers matter to them by featuring initiatives that support and promote seafarer welfare.

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Missile attack injures crew member off Yemen

On June 15, a guided missile fired by Houthi militias attacked an Emirati ship, when she was upon its departure from the Yemeni port of Mukha, according to the Saudi press agency. The missile caused no damage to the ship, but resulted in the injury of one crew member.

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Port of Charleston reopens after bomb threat

The Port of Charleston in the US is now open again following its evacuation due to a threat of a 'dirty bomb' onboard the Maersk Memphis container ship, USCG officials confirmed that no threat found. Also, the safety zone which had been established around the vessel for the investigation, has been lifted.

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IMO puts autonomous ships on MSC 99 agenda

Following an initiative by the Norwegian Maritime Authority, among others, IMO decided to put the issue of autonomous ships on the agenda for discussion at the next MSC. Norway has already started up the first trials of autonomous ships, through the approval of a test area in the Trondheimsfjord.

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New fleet performance centres to improve vessel efficiency

DNV GL opened two digital fleet performance centres in Hamburg and Singapore, to support ECO Insight operators in monitoring and optimizing their fleets. Through expert systems, the centres will check incoming vessel data, providing quality control and suggestions on potential improvement levers for both individual vessels and fleets.

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Failure of mooring line causes serious injury onboard

On 2 March 2015, the offcer-in-charge of the mooring party on board the LNG tanker Zarga suffered severe head injuries, when he was struck by a mooring rope that parted during a berthing operation, at the South Hook LNG terminal, Milford Haven. UK MAIB issued a report, providing important safety issues, to prevent similar incidents from occurring again.

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Digitalisation in shipping to ease administrative burden

On the occasion of the Digital Assembly, on 15 -16 June, European seafarers and shipowners highlight the importance that shipping is better served by smart digital solutions, to finally decrease the administrative burden they face. Shipping today is still hampered by endless paperwork, which causes detriment of the crew and affects the overall smooth shipping operations.

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How to survive in cold water

Maritime New Zealand informs about techniques that everyone could do, in order to improve chances of survival in cold water. Wearing warm clothes and lifejackets, avoiding alcohol and keeping a conscious, not-panicked mind are some of the advice included.

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Largest simulation test ever realized

The European Maritime Simulator Network will be used to validate the STM concepts and services, running the largest civil simulation test ever, with 29 manned bridges in 10 centres. The purpose is to reflect the STM concept, to validate and evaluate the findings and to give input to various hypotheses and the Formal Safety Assessment developed by other activities within the project.

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Electrical failure causes fire on board fishing vessel

UK MAIB issued an accident report, regarding a fire onboard the fishing vessel "Ardent II", while alongside in Port Henry Basin, Peterhead, in August 2016. The investigation provides information on the causes and contributory factors of the incident, in order to prevent similar casualties in the future.

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