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New maritime transit corridors in effect

recaap piracy incidents

The militaries of Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines have launched coordinated maritime patrols to face potential threats such as piracy, kidnapping and terrorism, in regional waters, in the light of the battle occurring in the southern Philippine city of Marawi between supporters of Islamic State and the Philippine’s government. SQE MARINE consulting company issued a circular, informing about the new security transit corridors which have been set in the aforementioned areas. 

Sabah Region

Following those measures and in order to enhance maritime security the Marine Department of Malaysia, Sabah Region requires, all vessels which sailing through the designated maritime areas of common concern, to pass through designated maritime corridors/transit lanes with specific coordinates as shown below:

The coordinates of designated areas of common concern are listed below:

The maritime security transit corridors in SE Asia are given in the next map:

Reporting requirements

All vessels are required to provide a report to National Coast Watch Center (NCWC), LMS Bongao, MCC Philippines, CGAC, NOC, MCC Malaysia and MMC Indonesia at least 24 hours before arrival at the designated maritime areas of common concern, describing the ship’s routing information. Upon entering the designated maritime areas of common concern a reporting procedure via radio with the monitoring station should be rendered. Then all vessels are required to pass through the designated transit corridors launched by Sabah Region.


SQE MARINE advises ship managers and operators to:

  • Provide every vessel with an effective Ship Security Plan,
  • Follow the required transit corridors in SE Asia,
  • Follow the recommended maritime security transit corridors whether available,
  • Follow best practices (as required in BMP-4) and consider the use of embarked armed security,
  • Have their crews adequately trained and familiarized with any protective measures on board

Explore more in the following document:

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