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  • evergreen

    Evergreen unveils sea freight services for members

    Evergreen Line has teamed up with, a wholesale marketplace for global trade under Alibaba Group, to provide site members with the option of booking sea freight services online with guaranteed space and prices. The Taiwanese company has also appointed Evergreen Logistics Corporation, as a provider of logistics solutions for members opting for its sea freight services. ...

  • bulk

    Metro Ports to operate bulk terminal at Port of Indiana

    The Ports of Indiana announced that the country’s oldest stevedoring company, Metro Ports, will become the new bulk terminal operator at the Port of Indiana-Burns Harbor. Starting July 1st, Metro Ports will manage the loading and unloading of shipments along the port’s East Harbor for port tenants and outside companies shipping bulk cargoes. ...

  • abu

    Abu Dhabi inks concession agreement to operate Fujairah port

    Abu Dhabi Ports and the Port of Fujairah signed a 35 year concession agreement, for the establishment of "Fujairah Terminals", a new operational arm wholly owned by Abu Dhabi Ports. The agreement will grant Abu Dhabi Ports the exclusivity to enhance existing infrastructure and itt further extends this exclusivity throughout the emirate of Fujairah for Container business. ...

  • data

    Shipping industry needs better data sharing and collaboration

    The maritime industry and broader ocean supply chain are suffering from major and costly inefficiencies, due to ineffective data sharing and poor cross-industry collaboration, according to a new report released by the Business Performance Innovation Network, in coordination with Navis and XVELA, both part of Cargotec. ...

  • australia

    Australia discusses dangerous gaps in maritime security

    Australia will resume the Senate Inquiry into Flag of Convenience Shipping. The inquiry comes in the wake of double murder findings by the NSW Coroner, investigating the deaths of two foreign seafarers aboard MV Sage Sagittarius in Australia, in 2012. ...

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AB dies after slipping from hopper tank

The Marine Safety Investigation Unit issued an investigation report, regarding an accidental fall from a height of a crew member, during the cargo hold cleaning operations, onboard a bulk carrier. The purpose is to determine the circumstances and safety factors of the incident, to prevent further marine casualties from occurring again.

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How to prevent fuel spray fire onboard

The United States Coast Guard issued a safety alert, in order to inform about a fuel spray fire onboard a commercial vessel. These types of incidents, involving fuel leakages contacting hot surfaces and igniting, happen too frequently and have been a focus of various marine safety organizations, such as the IMO, for many years.

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Kenya signs amendment to maritime piracy agreement

IMO announced that Kenya has become the 13th country to sign the Jeddah Amendment to the Djibouti Code of Conduct. The Code is an instrument developed and adopted by countries in the Western Indian Ocean and Gulf of Aden, in repressing piracy and armed robbery against ships operating in that region.

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Unexpected release of lifeboat occurred onboard tanker

The Bahamas Maritime Authority issued a safety alert, in order to inform on a sudden disengagement of a lifeboat, during ship inspection onboard a tanker. The alert contains a description of the accident and lessons learnt, in order to increase awareness, which may prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

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Cooperation needed for clean and safe shipping in Baltic

Politicians, industry stakeholders and maritime Flagship Projects agree on the need to focus on cross-sectorial cooperation, education and training, as well as enforcement of regulations, to turn the region into a leading clean and safe shipping region. This was the outcome of a seminar held in Brussels, on 30 May, under the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region.

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Arab ports ban entry to Qatari vessels

Further to the recent announcement that several Arabic states have cut diplomatic ties with Qatar, the ship traffic from and to Qatar was suspended by Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt. The Saudi Arabia Port Authority confirmed that no vessel will be allowed coming from or going to Qatar, regardless of the vessels’ flag or owners nationality.

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AMSA prohibits cargo ship from entering Australian ports

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority announced that it has banned the Papua New Guinea-flagged cargo ship "Kiunga Chief" from entering or using Australian ports for three months, after the ship was detained for a third time in less than 18 months, due to the failure of its operators to safely and effectively manage the operations of the vessel.

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Maritime universities sign to promote academic research

The World Maritime University and the Korea Maritime and Ocean University signed a Memorandum of Understanding, aiming to promote academic and educational exchanges including exchanges of faculty, researchers and students, as well as collaborative research lectures and conferences in areas of common interest.

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CCS, SWS sign strategic cooperation agreement

On June 2, China Classification Society and Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Co. Lt. signed strategic cooperation agreement in Beijing, focused on technical standard and scientific research, luxury cruise construction, new crack detection technology and other fields.

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Townsville port to receive funding for channel widening project

The government of Queensland announced its plans to allocate up to $75 million in funding, for the Townsville Channel Capacity Upgrade Project, according to the Port of Townsville. This is the first stage of the $1.64 billion Townsville Port Expansion Project, that will widen the shipping channels to accommodate larger ships.

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UK Club advises on tackling obesity in seafarers

The UK P&I Club comments on the fact many crewmembers fail pre-sea medical examinations, due to a combination of serious illnesses linked to obesity, informing that a body mass index of 25 or above can signify a serious weight problem. Being overweight may interfere with the seafarer's role and performance on-board.

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