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Deepening and widening of Mumbai Harbor Channel and JN Port Channel

To handle vessels up to capacity of 6000

2011.12.6- Port of Dakar.jpgThe Mumbai Harbor Channel and JN Port Channel will be deepened and widened to handle vessels up to capacity of 6000 Twenty feet Equivalent units and up to draught of 14 meters by using the tidal window.

The channel length will be increased from existing 29 km to 33.54 km to meet the natural water depth of 14 meters at sea. Further, the width of the channel will also be increased so as to maintain a minimum width of 370 meters from the present dimension of 325 meters in the straight reach.

Completion period of the work is 25 months including mobilization period after awarding of work.

The key benefits/results on implementation of the project are as follows:

1. Handling bigger size vessels up to a draught of 14 meters by using tidal window.

2. Attracting international container vessels and enabling JN Port to develop as Hub Port on west coast.

3. Increase in future traffic

4. Savings in ship waiting cost and ocean freight costs per TEU due to larger volumes

5. Avoiding costly and time consuming feedeing operation

6. Optimum utilization of capacity

7. Faster turnaround of larger vessels

8. Incremental regional economic development and spin-off economic benefits including employment generation.

Source : PIB

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