SAFETY4SEA Conference & Awards

5 Oct 2016
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SAFETY4SEA Conference & Awards

5 Oct 2016
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Major issues

  • resiliency

    USCG explains how to build cyber resiliency

    USCG gives his advice on what it is required for building cyber resiliency. Cyber security resiliency is the ability for an organization to identify, prevent, detect and respond to a process or technology failure, minimizing harm, reputational damage, and financial loss. ...

  • batteries

    Hazards associated with lithium-ion batteries

    Following recent media attention surrounding the incidents of self–ignition of lithium-ion batteries used in the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and the product recall, the Standard P&I Club as well as the US Coast Guard have issued recommendations concerning the transport of lithium-ion batteries. ...

  • piracy

    ReCAAP reports sharp fall in piracy

    The ReCAAP ISC says that 59 incidents have been reported during the period from January to September 2016, highlighting a sharp decrease of 65% compared to last year. ReCAAP ISC notes that the improvement of the piracy status in the Straits of Malacca and Singapore has contributed to the overall reported number. ...

  • coast

    EU Border and Coast Guard Agency launched

    Less than a year after it was first proposed by the EU Commission, the European Border and Coast Guard Agency has been now officially launched. ...

  • safety4sea-image-2

    2016 SAFETY4SEA Conference & Awards successfully concluded on 5th October

    The event successfully concluded on Wednesday 5th of October 2016 in Eugenides Foundation, Athens attracting 900 delegates from 25 countries representing a total of 400 organizations. The inaugural presentation of the SAFETY4SEA Awards took place at the closing of the forum within the scope of awarding industry’s organizations and associations who have distinguished for their initiative, excellence and training activities. ...

Latest News


New drones to be developed for the French Navy

DCNS and Airbus Helicopters are joining forces to design the future tactical component of France’s Naval Aerial Drone programme. The companies will be equipped to address all technical challenges arising from the naval integration of the drones through the creation of a robust system architecture that can evolve and adapt to meet every need.

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Port of Antwerp eyes freight volume up after 9 months

The port of Antwerp has handled 161,671,573 tonnes of freight in the first nine months of this year, up 3.3% on the same period last year. The container volume in the first three quarters came to more than 7.5 million TEU. This represents growth of 4.0%, thus further expanding Antwerp’s market share for containers in the Hamburg-Le Havre range.

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New SOLAS requirements for lifeboat servicing

Michael Røssland, Norsafe Academy, focuses on the new resolution and amendments to SOLAS approved by IMO regarding requirements for periodic service of lifesaving equipment. Mr Røssland explaina that this resolution requires documented competency and approval of personnel conducting services and outlined necessary actions for vessels, shipowners, flag, class and servicing companies to comply.

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Always inspect pilot ladders before use

The UK MAIB reports an incident where a pilot ladder failed on board a large passenger vessel during a routine harbour pilot transfer opeations and warns pilots to always inspect closely pilot ladders before using them to disembark a vessel.

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Recruitment and Training of Generation Z

Adam Lewis, IMEC, explains that those considered as Generation Z in five years’ time if recruited as cadets, they may not be learning collision regulations from books, but instead be simulating thousands of scenarios on a simple tablet device.

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Car carrier in flames in Port of Antwerp

The car carrier Silver Sky bursted into flames while it was docked at the Port of Antwerp, in the early hours, on October 20. The vessel was loaded with her usual cargo of second hand cars, intended for the export trade to Africa according to local media.

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Training and development challenges in shipping

Marlon Rono, Magsaysay People Resources Corporation, highlights that training and development should remain indispensable because as trade becomes complex and as the world moves toward digitalization, there is a great need to be able to supply seafarers whose skills meet the technical requirements of modern vessels and the commercial needs of ship owners and their customers

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DMA embarks on a future with unmanned ships

The technology for unmanned ships is coming, but it is not yet known precisely where, when and to which extent. The Danish Maritime Authority is launching a pre-study on autonomous ships together with the Technical University of Denmark (DTU).

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Anatomy of West African maritime kidnap

Rod Lingard, Thomas Miller War Risks Services explains why kidnapping for ransom has increased recently in the Gulf of Guinea and assess whether this increase will continue. In this article, he further describes what happens during a kidnapping and provided some insight into the training available for shipping companies and crews.

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