SAFETY4SEA Conference & Awards

5 Oct 2016
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SAFETY4SEA Conference & Awards

5 Oct 2016
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Major issues

  • side

    AMSA: Working over the side is a high risk activitiy

    Shipboard tasks such as mooring/unmooring, surveys, cleaning, maintenance and rigging may require seafarers and other persons to work or access over the side of the ship. AMSA has issued a bulletin highlighting that working over the side is a high risk operation and must be treated accordingly. ...

  • iumi

    IUMI President warns insurers of accumulation losses

    Closing this year’s IUMI 2016 marine insurance conference in Genova, IUMI President, Dieter Berg expressed concern over the increasing number of large marine losses and their potential to put severe financial strain on insurance companies. ...

  • guinea

    Piracy Reporting Flowchart

    SQE MARINE Consulting Company has issued new circular to provide latest updates on the security reporting requirements including 'Piracy Reporting Flowchart' for easy reference. ...

  • lifeboat

    Getting to grips with lifeboats

    The UK P&I Club has highlighted the potential dangers of lifeboat drills, following an incident during a lifeboat drill, which has left one crewmember dead, and four injured. ...

  • ABTO

    ABTO warns of liquefaction problems at terminals

    The Association of Bulk Terminal Operators has shed light on cargo liquefaction danger, an issue commonly associated with the seaborne transportation of unprocessed mineral ores and concentrates . ...

Latest News


Government of Canada confirms wreck of HMS Terror

Parks Canada’s Underwater Archaeology Team recently verified the identity of the wreck of HMS Terror, discovered off the shores of King William Island in Nunavut. This discovey will contribute to answering the enduring questions around the fascinating story of the lost Franklin Expedition.

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Gard Club advises how to use composite deck gratings

The Gard P&I Club highlights that the use of non-combustible construction materials is a basic regulatory requirement in both the maritime and offshore industries and any use of materials that do not meet these requirements must be justified, and documented, from a safety point of view.

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Safe Passage in the Singapore Strait

Videos showcase helpful tips and practices on safe navigation across the Singapore Strait (Westbound & Eastbound) . They are a joint production by Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore to enhance awareness for the safe passage in the area, which is one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes, carrying about one third of the world’s traded goods.

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OBP clarifies differences between security zones

A number of different areas or zones have been established in regions affected by piracy around the world, including Voluntary Reporting Areas (VRAs), High Risk Areas (HRAs), and War Risk Listed Areas (WRAs), along with other more specialized zones. OBP has issued a paper to provide clarity on the differences between these zones, and their implications for stakeholders.

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Implementing effective safety culture onboard

Video illustrates how Magsaysay has integrated safety into its culture on board and ashore. All people at Magsaysay are working hard to continuously imbibe safety as an integral part of their lives. The safe operations, the safety of human life, cargo and ships, and the protection of the environment are the company's mission.

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