SAFETY4SEA Conference & Awards

5 Oct 2016
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SAFETY4SEA Conference & Awards

5 Oct 2016
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Major issues


    CHIRP videos focus on lessons learned from unsafe practices

    CHIRP has launched three videos designed for public use and in particular for use by maritime training academies, ship managers, safety committees with the aim to assist a global audience of seafarers and share the experience feedback from unsafe practices onboard. ...

  • mis-declared cargo

    UK Club says mis-declared cargo cause 27% of incidents on ships

    UK P&I Club Risk Assessor David Nichol discusses the carriage of dangerous goods and issues associated with mis-declaration. He says that according to latest figures, 27% of incidents in terms of detected causation are attributable to cargo being mis-declared, second only to poor packaging. ...

  • pilot

    USCG warns how to avoid auto-pilot induced casualties

    USCG has issued a safety alert to address the safe navigation of vessels with auto-pilot engaged. Over-reliance on these systems can allow an operator to perform minor pilot house tasks and gain different navigational viewpoints. This inattentiveness to the vessel’s navigation has led to marine casualties. ...

  • Accidents- general images

    NTSB issues Safer Seas Digest 2015

    The NTSB has published its Safer Seas Digest 2015 including lessons learned from 29 major marine casualty investigations investigated by the agency during the year. NTSB has determined the probable cause of the accidents and issued safety recommendations aimed at preventing future accidents. ...

  • STCW

    AMSA urge seafarers to renew STCW certificates

    AMSA is urging seafarers with international qualifications to check the validity of their STCW certificates. This is in recognition that many qualifications are set to expire on December 31, 2016, including previously perpetual certificates. ...

Latest News


Update on current status of Yemen ports

The Standard P&I Club informs that the port of Ras Isa is currently closed and ships will not be permitted to call at a Yemeni port if the last port of call was in Israel, in accordance with the Arab League Boycott.

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indispensable shipping

Avoidable hazards can put seafarers in danger

The Standard Club is working with the CHIRP to promote safety at sea and accident prevention. CHIRP receives reports of hazardous incidents which they investigate with the ship's owner and provides lessons learned published in quarterly bulletins which provide excellent material for discussion during a ship's safety committee meeting.

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A ship entering the port of Rotterdam

Korea, UN work together on port development issues

The Korean government and the United Nations have agreed to form a partnership to work on developing ports across Latin America and East Asia. Currently, many ports in those regions face capacity challenges due to a lack of infrastructure, despite rapid economic growth and a growing volume of cargo

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Discarded munitions

USCG warns about the danger of discarded munitions

USCG has issued safety alert to address the extreme hazards that exist today caused by discarded munitions that were dumped at sea long ago. They remain a significant risk to commercial fisherman, those operating dredges, and others who trawl and work the ocean floor.

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NAVTOR urges for ‘pay as you sail’ e-navigation

NAVTOR believes that hydrographic authorities yet to allow the use of ‘pay as you sail’ ENCs in their national waters are lagging behind clear industry demand. This distribution method has yet to be approved by key bodies controlling some of the world’s busiest shipping lanes.

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pilot transfer arrangement

Riyadh MoU to focus on pilot transfer arrangements

Riyadh MoU announced the launch of a CIC based on Pilot Transfer Arrangement which will be held from three months, from September 1st until November 30th 2016. The purpose of this CIC is to ensure that the ship master and crew are familiar with this arrangement.

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Bulk carrier allides with grain elevator during docking

NTSB investigation of the allision of the bulk carrier Anna Smile with the Louis Dreyfus grain elevator while docking highlights how the lack of communication from the engineering staff to the vessel’s bridge team and pilots as well as the absence of specific procedures and training for emergency engine operations may lead to incident.

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